Eshraghi nursery uses variable frequency drives to fine-tune its irrigation system

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GN-IR-MR-3-Eshraghi Nursery 3by Karl H. Kazaks
It seems like the most basic thing — watering. You’ve got to do it to grow the plants you need to sell to keep your business alive. It sustains not just your nursery stock but also your livelihood. You can’t afford not to do it.
But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth examining your irrigation strategy. As with other resources and inputs, with irrigation you can find savings, create efficiencies, and be more profitable by striving to tailor your applications as precisely as possible.
Drip irrigation is one well-known way to gain some control of your water usage. But it’s suitable only in certain situations and for certain species. Eshraghi Nursery, a 250-acre operation on several farms in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, uses drip irrigation but its primary (more…)

Returning to the farm: Oregon grower finds her roots in organics

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GN-MR-3-Returning to 1by Sally Colby
Sarahlee Lawrence was born and raised on a farm in Terrbonne, OR, but leaving the farm is what made her realize that was where she belonged. Lawrence received a degree in environmental science, then spent the next five years as an international river guide before returning to the farm.
“A lot of it was just coming home,” said Lawrence, explaining her return to her parents’ Oregon farm. “Being a steward of this land and playing a bigger role (more…)

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

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GN-MR-6-WOODEN SHOEby Kelly Gates
Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm of Woodburn, OR was originally founded as a tulip-growing operation for a retailer based in Terre Haute, IN. The business owner chose to grow his tulips on the Oregon property because the climate there enabled him to access a crop much sooner than growers in Holland, giving him the advantage of having tulips earlier than the competition back in Indiana. (more…)

Agriculture & Politics: Is your operation in compliance with child labor laws?

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GM-MR-2-Ag and Politics chi#197by Emily Enger
If your childhood memories include watching a sunset through the settling fog of grain dust or kissing your High School Sweetheart behind the bins on the back 40, then you are one of the increasingly-fewer Americans who can call yourself a “farm kid.” Growing up on a farm, you probably heard all sorts of sentimental stories: your grandfather who walked uphill to (more…)