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Country Folks Grower is a business to business publication offering coast to coast coverage through three regional editions.

Each monthly issue covers all facets of growing and marketing fresh market and ornamental crops.

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Keeping up with new varieties

A nursery in the Adams County, PA, fruit belt that started in the early 1900s is now seeing the fifth generation take the lead.

Founder W.W. Boyer first worked on the farm, then later purchased […]

How and why a climate battery works

“Simply, a climate battery is a system that pushes warm, humid air around the greenhouse, using hot air that would otherwise be exhausted and using that to heat the soil underneath,” […]

Strawberries a huge draw at Rudd Farm

GREENSBORO, NC – For many years – over a century – the predominant cash crop in Guilford County was tobacco. Even as recently as 50 years ago there were over 3,200 tobacco farmers […]

Seeking out specialty food grants

Branching out, wearing different hats, having a finger in every pie, putting a lot of irons in the fire – whatever euphemism you use, farmers these days are almost required […]

Sometimes simple recordkeeping is best

There was a time when parents would sit their children down and teach them how to balance a checkbook. It was a simple enough rite of passage but learning to keep track of what was coming […]

Maintaining healthy feet

Although most young people have no complaints about their feet, ag workers are prone to foot issues that often worsen with age. Foot pain from any cause can result in a stilted gait, which […]

Technology’s benefits to agriculture

How can technology improve agriculture and address the challenges currently facing farmers? Panelists addressed this question at the most recent Coffee, Coaching & Connections event […]

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