Each part of your marketing plan should stand on its own, as well as relate to a comprehensive overview. As you develop these strategies, you will see the natural progression the plan takes toward becoming a successful marketing platform.

Think of a spiral where the plan begins and ends. Between these end stops, you add goals and objectives as stepping stones to each new phase of the plan. Some elements may be easy to complete, while others may stall out and require correction. The goal is to achieve a marketing plan which outlines specific ways to gain visibility and customer loyalty.

From customer feedback, you can determine which parts of the plan are working well and where you need to improve. You may begin outside with external advertising, such as signage, brochures, media feeds and cooperative promotions. Inside the gates, track customer progress with activities and experiences which lead to sales and favorable word-of-mouth marketing.

Use point-to-point strategies to encourage customer convenience and attention at any place throughout your operation. Each point provides the opportunity for customer service and sales. Many direct marketing businesses funnel visitors toward an exit such as a gift shop, tasting room or gathering area as a final sales opportunity.

A good marketing plan will include key goals and objectives which define specific actions and lead to customer satisfaction and increased sales. It’s important for these steps to move

toward a natural progression for both buyer and seller. Any splintering off will diminish the effectiveness of the overall plan by costing time and resources.

Signage, for example, should provide helpful information as well as utilize branding elements such as logos, colors and messages.

When you have outlined your marketing plan, review it as it relates to the customer experience. Will your plan help customers enjoy your operation and add to a loyal customer base? Do your goals and objectives follow a natural progression that will enhance your operation?

You know what you need to make your business successful. A loyal customer base is essential and adding new buyers along the way demonstrates you have done your research. This spurs market visibility and increases market shares. Consider these factors as you write or revise your plan.

The above information is presented for educational purposes and should not be substituted for professional business or legal counseling.