Orchard Insights: Sustaining the orchard in changing times

2018-12-13T09:50:50+00:00December 13, 2018|Grower Midwest|

Consumers are demanding food grown without the use of chemical sprays. Pollinators are declining, with pesticide use being one culprit. Climate changes are causing changes in pest pressures while altering precipitation and temperature patterns. By necessity, tree fruit growers are finding new ways to adapt to the conditions – social, cultural and environmental – which are changing the way the orchard grows. (more…)

Wipledale Farm Nursery and Greenhouse

2018-12-13T09:48:50+00:00December 13, 2018|Grower|

by Rebecca Jackson

Site-grown produce, superior stock, diversity, wholesale commercial accounts and online marketing keep a small Virginia plant nursery competitive and profitable in a world of big box retailers, according to a producer whose nursery and greenhouse are located on her family’s former dairy farm. (more…)

Hiring for holiday help

2018-12-13T09:35:49+00:00December 13, 2018|Grower Midwest|

by Courtney Llewellyn

There are two main seasons for “seasonal” work – the school break during the summer months, and the month or two leading up to the traditional holiday season. Efficient, qualified workers can be hard to find during both seasons if employers don’t know what to look for – or when to look for them. (more…)

Customers and Intention

2018-11-02T12:55:54+00:00November 2, 2018|Grower East|

Intention is often used to describe what a person is thinking or feeling, but it more readily defines a person’s aim or plan. Customers visit your business with a plan – to visit, tour, check out the surroundings and, hopefully, purchase a product or service. You and your employees are responsible for determining a customer’s intention and helping to fulfill their expectations. (more…)