Science enlightening agriculture: Helping growers improve crops with UV light

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by Nicholas P. Skinner, John D. Bullough and Mark S. Rea, Lighting Research Center, RPI

Numerous crops are impacted by powdery and downy mildew, fungi that have had large impacts on growth and pest management by growers throughout the country. Powdery mildew is estimated to account for nearly three-quarters of total pesticide applications by grape growers in California, costing 3% to 7% of total gross production value. (more…)

Art from nature

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As he’s meeting with clients, Scott Rosenbaum has found that asking certain questions during the planning stages helps him determine what the client has in mind.
Photo courtesy of Rosenbaum’s Landscaping

by Sally Colby

Not every young man knows exactly what he wants to do before he finishes high school, but Scott Rosenbaum did. (more…)

Building tools for tech-savvy farmers

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The majority of the surveyed farmers did not use weather-based crop or pest management tools, but most were interested in using them. These researchers are counting the number of wild blueberry flowers per stem.
Photo courtesy of UMaine Extension

by Catie Joyce-Bulay

“I just continually bring myself into the farmer’s shoes,” said Dr. Lily Calderwood, UMaine Cooperative Extension wild blueberry specialist. (more…)

Honey stings Big Sugar

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Consumers (like the story’s author) are saying honey is now their number one preferred sweetener.
Photos by Troy Bishopp

by Troy Bishopp

Whether you put a teaspoon of clover honey in your tea, stir some in your oatmeal cookie recipe or enjoy a good mead, you’re supporting local beekeeping family businesses that pollinate plants and nourish a nation. (more…)