Harvesting safety in orchards

2018-11-02T12:48:08-05:00November 2, 2018|Grower East|

by Tamara Scully

It’s fall harvest time and your hands are literally full. Growers and orchard workers are climbing those ladders, wearing those buckets and carefully harvesting those apples. Other tree fruits and nuts, as well as grapes and berries, share many of the same harvesting concerns that apples do. (more…)

The loneliness of the long-distance cultivar

2018-11-02T12:36:54-05:00November 2, 2018|Grower East|

by Stephen Wagner

Penn State Trial Garden Advisory Board Chair Andy Brown told Country Folks Grower that “Still the number one item out there in terms of units is calibrachoa [also called million bells]. It has an extremely wide color line, an incredible variety of colors, anywhere from solids to bi-colors, and it doesn’t have the stickiness that the petunia has.” (more…)