Disease Defense: Diagnosis of Disease

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Tamara ScullyIt can be tricky distinguishing between plant diseases. Many diseases have similar symptoms. And some of those symptoms can occur in both abiotic or biotic diseases. Abiotic diseases are caused by things other than living organisms. Nutrient deficiencies, too much or too little water, air pollution or chemical injury can all cause sick plants. (more…)

Selling sustainably grown for retail prices year-round

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by Bill and Mary Weaver

Although Mark Timm is a fifth-generation farmer on his family’s farm in Altura, MN, he is a first-generation vegetable grower. He and his wife Laurie are skilled growers and astute marketers. Starting in early February by seeding vegetable plants — including bell peppers, kale and head lettuce in the smallest of their three greenhouses — the Timms grow a consistent quality of a wide variety of fresh vegetables. (more…)

Disease Defense: Potatoes and Powdery Scab

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Tamara ScullyThe powdery scab caused by the primitive organism Spongospora subterranea f.sp. subterranea can be devastating to a potato crop when conditions are right. Even when conditions are wrong, its spores remain in the soil until the right moisture, temperature and potato host are present. This is a patient microbe, whose spore balls can remain virulent for 20 years. (more…)