Flower growers living the dream

2019-08-26T07:50:45-05:00July 5, 2019|Grower, Grower West|

Russ and Sarah Lunstrum saw their opportunity to grow in Boise as “farming kismet.”

by Courtney Llewellyn

BOISE, IDAHO – Cityscapes often bring up visions of tall buildings, cement sidewalks and lots of cars. Rarely does that first imagining include green oases dotted with a rainbow-hued assortment of flowers. But that’s what Dream Farm Flowers brings to Boise. (more…)

Building a healthy enterprise from the ground up

2019-07-05T12:13:34-05:00July 5, 2019|Grower, Grower West|

Todd and Rebecca Ulizio have owned and operated Two Bear Farm in northern Montana for 12 years.
Photos courtesy of Two Bear Farm

by Enrico Villamaino

Since 2007, Two Bear Farm, located in Whitefish, MT, has been providing high quality, healthy, nutritious vegetables to its community while also focusing on improving soil health, wildlife habitat and serving as good land stewards in general. (more…)

Farmers markets: It’s showtime!

2019-07-05T12:05:50-05:00July 5, 2019|Grower, Grower East, Grower Midwest, Grower West|

Performer Gypsy Geoff performs at the Bay View South Shore Farmers Market.
Photo courtesy of BVSS Farmers Market

by Gail March Yerke

Competition. Even farm markets are feeling the pinch as more consumers want to know where their food comes from and communities across the country add their own markets. The USDA’s most recent National Count of Farmers Market Directory reports an increase of over 4,000 such markets nationwide in the past 10 years. (more…)