CSAs talk planning & organization

2020-05-27T13:12:39-05:00May 27, 2020|Grower, Grower East, Grower Midwest, Grower West|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Community supported agriculture (CSA) programs have become another means for producers to bring income to the farm as well as lock in markets and a revenue stream. Garrett Ziegler, MSU Extension Community Food Systems Educator, recently spoke on the topic as part of the MSU Extension Beginning Farmer webinar series. (more…)

Develop a marketing strategy to target the right customers

2020-05-27T13:00:00-05:00May 27, 2020|Grower, Grower East, Grower Midwest, Grower West|

“Marketing strategy is about solving the customer’s problems, not yours,” Matt LeRoux said.
Photo by Catie Joyce-Bulay

by Catie Joyce-Bulay

“I like to think of it as ‘the smell of the flower will draw in the bee,’” said Matt LeRoux, describing the importance of creating an identity for your farm business. (more…)

Timberline Landscaping keeps staff by transitioning to disinfection

2020-04-29T16:01:23-05:00April 29, 2020|Grower, Grower West|

By stepping up to offer disinfecting services, Timberline Landscaping has avoided needing to lay off or furlough workers in Colorado.
Photo courtesy of Timberline Landscaping

by Enrico Villamaino

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are scrambling to adapt to a marketplace very different from the one in which they were operating just a few short weeks ago. (more…)

Hoffman family legacy continues

2020-04-29T15:55:05-05:00April 29, 2020|Grower, Grower West|

They started in potatoes, but today, Hoffman Farms is all about the berries. Jay Hoffman showcases some of the strawberries that will either be sold to customers or baked into pies.
Photo courtesy of Melissa Berry

by Sally Colby

Hoffman Farms is located in the small farming community of Scholls, OR, but there’s nothing small about the farm. (more…)