Cider sells apples

2019-08-02T13:09:02-05:00August 2, 2019|Grower, Grower East|

Paul Brace has embraced his role as an apple grower at his family’s orchard. Their cider business has been steadily growing.

Pressing onward at Brace’s Orchard

by Sally Colby

One generation ago, there were 80 fruit growers in Luzerne County, PA. Today there are just two, and Brace’s Orchard, in Dallas, PA, is one of them. (more…)

Cultivate’19 convenes in Columbus

2019-08-02T12:49:56-05:00August 2, 2019|Grower, Grower East, Grower Midwest|

Attendees connect with the Grimes Seed Company sales team about their latest varieties and newest products.

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Many growers like to think in terms of size, be that length of rows, the square footage of hoop houses – or the eight acres of trade show at the annual gathering sponsored by AmericanHort in Ohio. This year’s iteration was Cultivate’19. (more…)