ce-go-mr-18-juliano-produce-farms1973cby Daniel Baldwin
Juliano’s Produce Farms is a family-owned and operated farmer’s market that has been in the Utica, NY, area for 35 years. It is located on State Route 5.
The Juliano family grows fruits and vegetables and sells them at their store along with cheese, milk, and other dairy products. The family members also grow and sell flowers inside their 13 greenhouses located outside the market.
“We started small with one greenhouse,” said owner Joe Juliano, “then we built more greenhouses. We grew a little produce and before you know it, 35 years went by and we were 60 acres (of land) strong, and we have 13 greenhouses now.”
While the Juliano family is focused on planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables, the family members also have the time to make pies, cookies, and other baked goods in their bakery, which is located inside the farmer’s market.
“We sold pumpkin and apple pies,” Joe said. “We bake our own half-moons, cookies, apple cider doughnuts, and all kinds of cakes. We make everything right here in our bakery.”
During the fall season, the family sells pumpkins, apples, and mums.
“Pumpkin and apple sales in October are primary,” Juliano said. “It goes hand and hand with our business. People are going to look for it and if you don’t have it, then they’re going to go somewhere else where they can find it, so we’ve got to handle that stuff. We’ve experienced a growth in pumpkin and apple sales.”
Juliano said his family purchases their pumpkins and apples from other places.
“We buy them from another local farm or friend,” he said. “We used to grow our own, but we grow so much other product now, so we had to phase out a couple things. Growing apples and pumpkins doesn’t fit into our farm plan. We are busy doing other things at that time, and we really don’t have the time to do that.”
The same thing goes with their dairy products. According to Juliano, the family purchases their cheeses and milk from other local farms.
Juliano said this farmer’s market receives a good number of customers during the summer time.
“Our highest peak is through the course of the summer when we’re full of produce and flowers,” he said. “Fall starts slowing down.”