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Cultivating buyer loyalty for Christmas trees

Well-trained, knowledgeable employees can play a major role in providing a great experience for customers. Photo courtesy of Dull’s Tree Farm

by Sally Colby

As soon as a family drives to your Christmas tree farm, they should be thinking about returning next year. Christmas tree growers know one of the main reasons […]

Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery propagates for life

Melissa Van Hevelingen of Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery. Located in Newberg, OR, their nursery grows and sells over 150 lavender cultivars, as well as a variety of herbs, unusual perennials and shrubs. Photo courtesy of Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery

by Aliya Hall

Melissa Van Hevelingen of Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery, and her husband, Andy, are simply collectors at heart. […]

Another boxwood pest

by Sally Colby

The versatile boxwood, or box tree, is one of the most popular shrubs in America. With dense, dark foliage, boxwoods are ideal for hedges, topiary and accent plantings. But boxwood is threatened by yet another pest: the box tree moth, an invasive pest that has decimated boxwood species in Europe. […]

The intrinsic and extrinsic values of plants

Plant benefits are numerous – and they are a big driver of why customers choose specific plants.

by Courtney Llewellyn

You’ve probably heard customers waffling before when looking at a particular variety of vegetable, flower, fruit or tree. Is it a better fit for their soil or sun exposure? […]

What’s in it for me?

Marsha Gray, executive director of the CTPB, presented up-to-date information on national promotion board activities at the summer meeting of the Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association. Photo by Sally Colby

Christmas Tree Promotion Board update

by Sally Colby

No one had trouble selling Christmas trees last year, but Marsha Gray, executive director […]

Change before you have to

by Courtney Llewellyn

Whether it’s computer chips or clay pots, the supply chain for a wide variety of goods – and even services – continues to see massive upheaval. Amidst demand issues, there is also a transformation of the digital ecosystem occurring. Advances in technology, shifts in consumer behavior and the “Amazon effect” have all majorly altered logistics […]