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Cash is no longer king at the market

People now carry cash less than half of the time they go out, and often carry less than $20 when they do have cash. Offering a credit or debit payment option may be helpful.

by Courtney Llewellyn

If you sell things, you want to make money. You also want to offer your customers as many avenues as possible to spend their money. […]

After accidentally discovering new water mold threatening Christmas trees, work continues

by Courtney Llewellyn

As Christmas trees, Fraser firs are prized for their rich color, pleasant odor and their ability to hold onto their needles. However, they’re also highly susceptible to devastating root rot diseases caused by water molds in the genus Phytophthora. There are about 170 species of Phytopthora, which can affect everything from cucurbits and fruit trees to berries and potatoes, and even firs and pines. […]

Growing local grains for local brews

by Courtney Llewellyn

At the recent MI Ag Ideas to Grow With virtual experience, one sprouting idea was about growing barley and rye for the brewing and distilling industries. Craft breweries and distilleries are still popular for those involved in the local foods movement – Michigan is ranked fifth nationally for the number of breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs in-state – and they need locally-sourced supplies to meet demand. […]

Trends in foliage

Millennials seem especially interested in houseplants. Social media has also helped to boost houseplant popularity, with Instagram influencers marketing unique varieties and colors. Photo by Sally Colby

by Sally Colby

Nearly everyone remembers houseplants as part of the décor in their parents’ or grandparents’ homes. But houseplants are back, and stronger than ever. […]

Beware the brassica buggers

Crucifer flea beetles on cabbage. Photo courtesy of Dan Gilrein

by Sonja Heyck-Merlin

The Brassica Pest Collaborative is a multi-year project funded by Northeast SARE, bringing together Extension educators and researchers from UMass, UConn, UNH and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County. […]

Equipment: Lease or buy?

by Tamara Scully

Leasing versus buying needed equipment is a complex decision, and is not a simple cost calculation. Factors including cash flow, tax implications, payment structure, age of equipment being considered, type of lease, financing terms and more must be considered. And in every instance, new calculations must be done. […]