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Each monthly issue covers all facets of growing and marketing fresh market and ornamental crops.

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CSAs: Thinking inside the box

Mandy Way said adding greens was an easy way to diversify their CSA, which they call a “market share membership.” Photo courtesy of Way Farms

by Courtney Llewellyn

Data collected in 2015 by the USDA indicated that 7,398 farms in the U.S. sold products directly […]

The earlier, the better

by Sally Colby

It’s easy to put off retirement planning, but Tracy Garofalo, an accountant with Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s MST business services, said retirement planning should not be ignored. […]

Plasticulture strawberries: Autumn and winter management tips

by Tamara Scully

As early autumn’s colder weather settles in, strawberry growers utilizing a plasticulture system are busy with fall planting of plugs into raised beds. Depending on climate, the exact timing of planting strawberry plugs each autumn varies, as the berries will need time to establish themselves before growth is stopped by cold weather.

In a recent Virginia Cooperative Extension webinar, Dr. Jayesh Samtani, small […]

Things to know about produce auctions

Each grower chooses how they want to market their product and how many they want in their lot at produce auctions. They can sell whole skids at a time, or just a few boxes. Photo by Joan Kark-Wren

by Courtney Llewellyn

Growers of vegetables, fruits, flowers or any other plant product that grows in bulk know there are several […]

Exploring Dried Flowers

The reputation of dried flowers suffers from a legacy of overabundance of the 1980s (along with big hair and shoulder pads). Despite that, they are experiencing a rebirth that is brighter, fresher […]