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Country Folks Grower is a business to business publication offering coast to coast coverage through three regional editions.

Each monthly issue covers all facets of growing and marketing fresh market and ornamental crops.

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Enriching the community through agriculture

Swore Farms sells produce at two local farmers markets as well as through a popular CSA program – even though members may not know what exactly what they’re getting with every harvest.
Photo courtesy of Swore Farms

by Sally Colby

Like many farms, Swore Farms in Pocatello, Idaho, started a CSA to increase revenue, especially in spring. […]

Perishable: Handle with care

Properly cooling fruits and vegetables post-harvest ensures they will likely last longer – and be less susceptible to disease – before reaching consumers.
Photo by Sally Colby

by Sally Colby

Dr. Penelope Perkins-Veazie is a post-harvest physiologist at North Carolina State University who knows the importance of post-harvest handling. […]