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Researchers focus on integrated pest management

by Aliya Hall

a child growing up in Baltimore, MD, Gail Langellotto was always interested in
science. When she took a part-time job in undergrad with an entomologist, her
love for insects was sparked. She liked that insects offered her an opportunity
to study science outside, and due to popular demand, she began to study insect


Made in the USA: Hybrid tomato seeds for organic growers

by Tamara Scully

Hybrid seeds, the result of
crossing two different species in the same genus, or different varieties of the
same species, are common in farming. Hybridization provides some distinct
advantages, combining desirable traits from each parent plant together, such as
disease resistance, early or late harvest times, easier harvesting, bigger
fruits or better flavors. With hybridization, the first generation offspring is
stable and uniform, and genetically identical.


Grower Guidelines: Back to the Basics – Understanding Soil pH

I can’t think of a more important topic for growers to know
about than how soil pH affects plant growth and development. What is soil pH? If
you remember back to your high school chemistry days, pH stands for parts hydrogen.
Hydrogen ions exist in the soil and are there as a result of plant
decomposition, causing the soil to be acidic, as in the […]

Disease Defense: Vegetable diseases and produce safety

by Tamara Scully

Farmers are expected to
recognize and moderate causes of plant disease. From plant abiotic stressors
such as mineral deficiencies and water availability or poor germination due to
soil temperatures to pest and pathogen control, farmers need to monitor and
maintain crop health.


The plasma alarm clock

By the time you read this, winter will be heading toward
its end, either by crawling along slowly or by happily retreating so that the
sun can finally make its triumphant return. That means it is almost time for
another planting season – but for now, we are still often constrained by
waiting for the seasons to change.