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Country Folks Grower is a business to business publication offering coast to coast coverage through three regional editions.

Each monthly issue covers all facets of growing and marketing fresh market and ornamental crops.

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State-based researchers help farmers irrigate

by Aliya Hall

Oregon State University has specialists available for a variety of subjects, and one of its areas of expertise is irrigation. Each Extension agent brings their own focus, from irrigating wine grapes to the policies that surround irrigation. […]

Onboarding – A step beyond orientation

by Courtney Llewellyn

Months aren’t necessarily the way farmers and growers measure their years. They tend to focus more on seasons – specifically, planting season and harvest season. These are two times of the year that extra hands may be needed at many agricultural operations, and so seasonal workers […]

How to attract more customers

by Katie Navarra

Improving sales at a farmers market stand can feel like a daunting task. Customers stream by without making eye contact or they stop and ask a question, only to walk away without purchasing anything. Speakers at a recent direct marketing conference hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension provided cost-effective […]

Education is sweet at Bee Wise Farms

by Enrico Villamaino

Running a combination farm/apiary of any size is a challenging enterprise, and the time, toil and toleration it takes is worthy of admiration. So it is even more impressive when a young farm/apiary is able to expand its size and scope of services so swiftly while also […]

Hazelnut grower honors earth through organics

by Aliya Hall

EUGENE, OR – Eleven years ago, Linda Perrine left the tech world and a career with NASA to buy a neglected 32-acre farm. She turned the farm, which she named Honor Earth Farm, into an orchard where she produces organic Casina and Willamette hazelnuts. […]

Growing for chefs

by Courtney Llewellyn

CHICAGO – It can be difficult if not seemingly impossible
to eat well while on the go, especially when faced with literal miles of fast
food restaurants as you wander through an airport during a lengthy layover. O’Hare
International Airport saw this and has stepped up to provide travelers – and
the chefs who prepare their […]