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Country Folks Grower is a business to business publication offering coast to coast coverage through three regional editions.

Each monthly issue covers all facets of growing and marketing fresh market and ornamental crops.

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Planning your planting

The ability to plan for the future seems like a uniquely human skill, and it’s almost a superpower for those in horticulture. Deciding what to plant and when every year takes wisdom, […]

Sycamore: Renewable energy alternative

Short rotation woody crops such as willow and poplar, along with C4 grasses, have been the primary feedstocks studied for bioenergy. Expanding upon those requires obtaining knowledge […]

Farm liability requires insurance

Farmers expect weather, pests, disease and family issues to affect their farm’s profitability. What they often do not expect is a lawsuit. Rachel Armstrong, executive director of Farm Commons, […]

What to know before you grow

Dr. Bert Cregg, Extension specialist in the Department of Horticulture and Department of Forestry at Michigan State, has years of experience in the Christmas tree industry. […]

Badger State agritourism has big goals

NAFDMA, the international agritourism association, and the Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association (WATA) recently hosted the webinar “Promoting, Educating and Advocating […]

Year-End Comparisons

As the calendar year draws to a close for many direct marketers, it’s time to compare sales against marketing projections. […]

Attention to detail

Although Laura Raney didn’t grow up on a farm, she worked at garden centers and other outdoor jobs, all of which led her to a love of being outdoors. Raney began working at the Silverwood Organic Farm […]

Hospitality and customer service on the farm

Once, not that long ago, a farmer was simply a farmer. They planted seeds, grew crops, raised livestock and then sold it, sometimes without ever having to speak to a member of the public. These days, however, […]

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