Advertising encompasses a number of different vectors that together make up a complete package highlighting your business or service. There are many places and strategies you already use for business exposure. Given time to research other pathways, you may adapt your message over several additional platforms and categories.

  • Industry/Trade: Often, businesses benefit from working with similar industry or trade organizations. This occurs through statewide or national Checkoff programs as well as independent cooperative campaigns. Voluntary or producer-paid advertising focuses on general information about a product or service. With an emphasis on widespread groups of target audiences, single businesses usually do not get individual exposure through this category. The benefit is attached to the overarching message, such as drinking milk or eating beef. Businesses can leverage these campaigns by using them as a basis for regional or local advertising.
  • Local Cooperative: Tourism agencies, membership associations, media groups and other local organizations create business awareness in a given area. Individual businesses receive more attention this way and encourage a “regional destination approach.” This type of advertising includes guide books and destination events. It’s usually budget-friendly for small businesses and direct marketers.
  • Business-Specific: You have a unique story that is vital to share with customers. Your business-specific advertising strategies act as a gateway to educate your customer base as well as potential buyers. You decide what information is important in each platform and for more targeted audiences.

As you plan your advertising campaigns, review the many ways you can tell your story in meaningful, memorable and affordable ways.

The above information is for educational purposes only and should not be substituted for professional business or legal counseling.