After meeting the immediate needs of the past few months, you may be wondering how to proceed from this point. How have your marketing strategies changed and how will you meet those expectations?

Questions arise – What do consumers need now and in the future? How will they purchase goods and services? And how does that relate to your own business plans and operational functions?

Now may be the time to retool your marketing plan to adapt to fluid changes in how you conduct business and market to a changing audience. In a time of uncertainty, the exercise is not easy, but knowing your own strengths offers the beginning steps for moving forward.

You know your product and what marketing success you have had. Now you can develop key platforms to address new ways to reach your customer base where they are today and into the future.

Consider new buying habits whether on-site or online – are new sizes of product indicated? How will budgets alter the way families purchase goods and services? Will you need to change packaging, update shipping or otherwise adapt to new ways of people working, schooling children, preparing meals, staying close to home or being out in public under different conditions?

While your key marketing strategies may still prove essential to your business, adaptability and flexibility are the current components of an improved marketing plan. Can you change plans in a timely manner without upsetting operational plans? Where within your plan can you make changes, big or small, while maintaining control? Market researchers offer some tips in retooling plans.

  • Be relevant. What concerns are consumers facing today and how does that relate to your product or service? How can you be of help to your customers?
  • Be empathetic. Understand the difficulties consumers are facing and adapt your sales strategies to meet the changing environment.
  • Clarify the message. Be clear in what your goals are and in your messaging. What are you asking your customer base to do?
  • Relate the benefits. Do not forget to emphasize the benefits of your product or service. As customers adapt to changes, they are looking for ways to improve their current lifestyles. Your product offers unique benefits which connect with people in meaningful ways.

Marketing plans are meant to be flexible enough to provide viable options to market your product or service despite a changing environment. Be measured and careful in your planning, and willing to adapt, as necessary. In doing so, you can change marketing plans and still stay within the success zone.

The above information is presented for educational purposes and should not be substituted for professional legal or business counseling.