Merchants are expressing concern over disruptions in the supply chain and subsequently having enough product for their customers. While this situation presents a problem for both producers and consumers, it favors direct marketers who are adaptable to a rapidly changing sales environment. The time is right for good person-to-person transactions.

While the timing is conducive for direct marketers, it does not allow for less than optimum operations or inferior products. Conversely, this is the time to demonstrate how well your business is poised to fill the gaps in market segments with quality products. Buying local remains popular with many shoppers too.

The time is also right to review your advertising plan and take advantage of reaching an expanded customer base. To make this work, you must be able to calculate the quantity you can produce for each sector. Trying to serve an expanding market with a thin supply chain can damage your reputation and decrease future sales.

Especially now, consumers are seeking quality products at reasonable prices within a given “home territory” where they regularly shop or as they purchase items online. Big box stores and major online providers anticipate long delivery times and limited inventory this season. Planning wise marketing and adapting to this fluctuating environment could open additional doors of opportunity for you.

As a direct marketer, you may not be able to cover retail’s shortfalls, but this may be the ideal time to expand your markets. Take the time to consider outreach to new audiences and build on opportunities to widen your customer base.

The above information is provided for educational purposes and should not be substituted for professional business or legal counseling.