With so many different marketing streams available today and with each diverging toward many key target groups, keeping to the core theme of your business message is not always an easy task.
While you are correct to adapt your promotions and advertising for different market segments, it is essential to remember and utilize the “kernel of truth” that defines your unique place in the business world. It begins by developing and telling the story behind your product or service. Perhaps your marketing truth is your devotion to sustainability, a focus on healthy living, providing a service to the public, community involvement or all of the above. Use that unique connection to weave your story into the various marketing messages you generate. Customers are interested in what is behind a product and how it came to the market. They want to know where a product or service emanates from and why it is important for them to take notice. This presents a great opportunity for you to introduce your business and build a successful following. If you make your back story interesting enough, customers will take notice and pass along recommendations.
Remember though, an emphasis should be on the quality of your product or service. What sets it apart from others on the market? What is it about your production, harvesting, handling, customer service and approach to quality which would compel a person to purchase what you have to offer? If customer feedback is positive, develop marketing strategies around the themes you see forming. If comments are negative, learn from what is being said and seek to remedy deficiencies, and then tell your customers how you have improved the product or service. One definition of quality is “a peculiar and essential character.” This ties in directly with your unique product and the core marketing message you have developed around it.
Divergent marketing to many different groups of potential customers is how business works today, but divergent — although meaning “going in many directions” — also refers to radiating from a single core. Getting back to your marketing “kernel of truth” helps you develop sales messages for many but center them from the main sales strategy you developed early on. And, if your product or service has gone through some changes or adaptations, you may need to either refine your key message or develop a new one.
Customer buying habits evolve quickly and you need to be ready to reach many different groups through a myriad of channels available across advertising platforms. If you keep your message tied to the unique qualities of your product or service, and tell your story well, customers will take interest.
The above information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be substituted for professional business or legal counseling.