The ever-changing, always-updating digital landscape can be challenging to keep up with for even the most seasoned professionals. This past year has seen a tremendous shift in the way our world operates, and no industry can remain successful without learning to roll with the new tides of post-pandemic life.

Country Folks Grower is introducing our new columnist, Liz Nemeth, a creative and digital marketing professional who will take a farm-forward approach to discussing tech and communication trends.

We’ll cover websites like Shopify and Squarespace that offer affordable, user-friendly ways to carve out a place for your web content or online sales. We’ll go over social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook that can help you grow and connect with your audience. We’ll offer advice on reaching new customers, growing your business and staying relevant and profitable – no matter what 2021 brings.

Do you have any questions for Liz? We’re welcoming readers to email her with topics you’d like to learn more about, or specific problems you’re facing. Email her editor, Courtney Llewellyn, at

We’re looking forward to growing with you – either through spring buds or digital bytes!