Name recognition is one of the key components of a successful branding program. You expect your customers to recall many things about their visit and anticipate they will naturally remember your name. Interestingly, however, many businesses take this element for granted promoting everything but their name.
It is no accident that businesses are identified by “name brand” recognition. Think of the name brands you can list in which customers use the name of the business for the actual product. You may not require that same level of branding, but you do want to attract customers who immediately equate a product or service with your particular business.
Marketing campaigns are where name brand recognition usually stands out. Business names are prominent in advertising, product labels, media releases, incentives and in social media. How your name is presented and continually reinforced makes the difference. When a customer leaves your store or retail outlet, what do they take home that promotes your business after the product is gone or the service completed? Do you follow up with customers by sending newsletters, email blasts, coupons, or flyers? There are many creative ways and products to give customers, but name recognition is more than incentives and good will.
Name recognition is fundamentally who you are and how much you value your product or service. It is the marker of your mission statement. It says you exist because you have determined that you can provide a product or service worthy of a customer’s attention and loyalty. Customers need to feel that strong connection and sense of intent. If you ask customers, such as tasting room regulars or your farmers market customer base, what brings them back, they are likely to mention that they feel comfortable in your space, know how dedicated you are, and how much they like your product. What you also want them to recall when talking to friends is how that feeling translates to your unique operation. Remember, they can choose any number of wineries, farmers market stands, or retail operations offering the same type of product, but you want them to specifically mention your name and refer others to your door.
Through good customer service, a sense of wanting to truly serve others, and a great product, your name becomes your brand. Your business integrity links to your name and either builds on your good reputation or fades as just another venture in a competitive market.
Will people remember your name when they talk about your type of business? Will they name you specifically, or say you are “that place down the road?” Strive to promote your name in every aspect of your business and create brand recognition with quality and integrity. If you do, customers will always remember your name.
The above information is presented for educational purposes and should not be substituted for professional business or legal counseling.